Tree safety and tree condition surveys

We carry out tree surveys for a number of reasons; perhaps you are concerned about a hanging branch or some fungus you have found or perhaps you wish to build near a tree. We can carry out a tree survey to assess the likely health and condition of a tree based on a method of visual tree inspection from ground level. We include recommendations for works and a timescale for carrying them out.

Our tree surveys can support insurance claims, mortgage applications and applications for planning permission. Local Planning Authorities increasingly require tree surveys carried out to BS5837 to support any applications with trees on the site.

We also carry out large scale tree surveys for local authorities and private landowners such as golf courses and hotels. Tree surveys are particularly useful in relation to a landowners’ duty under the Occupiers Liability Act (1957 and 1984). We can also produce Tree Risk Management Plans to help landowners properly assess the level of risk associated with members of the public visiting their land.

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