Asset management

We can help you look after your tress in ways other than regular surveying. This includes:

Tree valuations

Assessing how much the visual amenity value of a tree is in monetary terms can help landowners and local authorities determine how important a tree is. This can assist in a number of different areas such as asset management, determining planning and tree works applications and designing redevelopment schemes.

We can assist you in this area by applying a variety of different valuation methods such as CAVAT (Capital Asser Value for Amenity Trees) and the Visual Amenity Value of Trees and Woodland (the Helliwell system).

Policy development

Primarily for Local Authorities, we provide a locum tree officer service which covers aspects such as:

  • assessing applications for tree works
  • consulting on planning applications involving trees
  • creating of Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)
  • TPO review and revocation
  • advice on unlawful damage to protected trees

We have developed risk management and asset management policies for a number of local authorities and private landowners such as hotels, schools and golf courses.

We have worked with local authorities to develop urban regeneration plans.

Veteran trees

We can provide you with advice and information on how to manage ancient and veteran trees, as well as those trees with the potential to become veterans in the future.

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