Decay detection

You may have noticed some fungus at the base of your tree or on branches and may be concerned that your tree is not looking as well as it has done. We can help you understand if there is a problem, what it is and how you can manage the issue to ensure you can retain the tree safely when possible.

We use an internationally recognised system to carry out visual tree assessment method from ground level and avoid any intrusive inspection as far as possible. If we think there may be something further to investigate, we can use techniques such as:

  • Percussion – essentially lightly striking the buttress or roots of the tree with a nylon hammer to see where the sound varies, indicating where decay may be present.
  • Resistograph – this is a micro drill which records drilling pressure through a tree. It provides a read out which can then be analysed to see if decay is present.
  • Fractometer -assessing samples of wood for their integrity to assess decay. This measures how strong the wood is which can indicate the type of decay which is occurring.

We can also arrange for a climbing inspection to be carried out or for laboratory analysis to identify more unusual specimens.

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